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Benztown To Host Free Webinar On Radio's Digital Revenue

Benztown and Envisionwise are hosting a free webinar focused on enhancing digital revenue for radio stations. Keeping it Real in the Digital Age will feature key industry players offering insights into digital revenue optimization for radio stations. The webinar is scheduled for Friday, October 6 at 1p ET.


The event will be hosted by McVay Media president Mike McVay and will include Envisionwise Founder/CEO Jackie Parks, former Chairman and CEO of Greater Media Peter Smyth, and Sheri Lynchm who is the Co-Host of Bob & Sheri. The 45-minute session aims to epuip radio professionals with specific tools and strategies to increase their digital revenue.

Topics to be covered include breaking through in a competitive market, maximizing marketing investment, understanding how digital transformation affects media brand management, and generating 20-25% of revenue for digital sales. The webinar will also explore how to build community in a digital overwhelmed world and offer actionable digital marketing strategies for reaching both advertisers and listeners.

Anyone interested in attending can register here.

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IBA Chooses Benztown's StudioTexter For Member Stations

Benztown has announced a strategic partnership with the Independent Broadcasters Association to make StudioTexter the offical texting platform for IBA members. This alliance offers special, budget-friendly pricing to independent radio broadcasters.

StudioTexter is a texting service developed specifically for radio stations. It offers free incoming SMS with unlimited keywords, scheduled contests, template use, and direct replies to listeners. The platform also deatures an Auto Responder that allows on-air talents to schedule automated replies for incoming texts.

IBA President Ron Stone stated, "We started the national contest for our members three years ago. It was a huge hit! The one thing I consistently heard from the membersw was text to win. We were using a website widget. StudioTexter provided us an inexpensive way to provide text to win for the members... and our contest has never been better! I would recommend this product to any station of any size!"

Benztown President Dave "Chachi" Denes added, "We are thrilled that IBA members will now be connected to their listeners - and getting more for less - through this exciting and innovative new partnership. When we launched StudioTexter with our partner Envisionwise, we set out to create a texting service built specifically for the industry we love at the move affordable price. StudioTexter is the ideal solution for stations looking for a new best-in-class texting partner."

Envisionwise President and CEO Jackie Parks said, "We are very excited to partner with IBA to bring StudioTexter to their station members that need this seamless and robust texting solution now more that ever. What sets Studiotexter miles apart from other texting services is that it is the only texting platform designed by radio pros to meet the unique texting needs of radio stations. StudioTexter enriches listener connections, builds trustm and strengthens communication between station brands and their communities, amplifying brand awareness and engagement driving listener loyalty."

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