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'Radio Online' Highlights Envisionwise's StudioTexter

Benztown announces that StudioTexter, a texting service and contesting and communications platform created for radio stations, has signed 28 new affiliates in Q3 and Q4, bringing the total number of station affiliates using the texting solution to 100. In addition, StudioTexter is now offering to beat the written pricing of any competitor through year-end. The product was also recently selected as the official texting platform for the Independent Broadcasters Association (IBA).

StudioTexter provides stations with free incoming SMS messages with unlimited keywords and enables stations to schedule multiple contests, use templates, pick random winners and send direct replies to listeners. StudioTexter's Auto Responder also lets stations easily schedule automated messages and replies from on-air talent for incoming texts.

Benztown President Dave "Chachi" Denes said, "More than 50% of American consumers respond to a text within two minutes, checking their messages around 11 times a day. StudioTexter is a powerful tool, enabling more efficient and authentic engagement with your audience like never before."

Envisionwise President and CEO Jackie Parks remarked, "StudioTexter is the exclusive texting, contesting, and communications platform created especially for radio stations - and now we're offering the greatest value and pricing to stations signing on through year-end. We will beat the pricing of any competitor's written offer starting today through December 31. StudioTexter enriches listener connections, builds trust, and strengthens communication between station brands and their communities, amplifying brand awareness and engagement and driving listener loyalty. That's a huge win for stations and puts them ahead of the game for Q4 and 2024."

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