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Termageddon Cookie Policy

Termageddon is pleased to announce that they have officially launched a cookie consent banner and Cookie Policy generator and they are now available within your Termeddon license(s)!

The cookie consent solution is powered by Usercentrics, an EU-based cookie consent manager that powers over 900,000 websites. The Cookie Policy is powered by Termageddon and these new features are available right within Termageddon accountts. You can learn more about these features on our cookie consent solutions page and our Cookie Policy page.


These new features are available in all Termageddon accounts (both existing and new) that need a cookie consent solution and a Cookie Policy at no extra charge. Please note that if your website (or your clients' websites if you are an agency) has more that 20,000 user sessions per month (after grace period), you will be asked to upgrade to a paid Usercentrics plan.


3-step setup
"Activate-> Enter Privacy Policy URL-> Scan sitemap URL"

These are the three steps required to generate both the consent tool and Cookie Policy. Here's an article providing more detailed steps (covering optional styling, copy changes, additional features, and more).

Not seeing these new features?

Pleas enote that if you answered the Privacy Policy questionnaire in such a way that indicates that you are not required to present a cookie consent solution or a Cookie Policy to users of your website, then you will not see these features in your account, you can learn more as to why you are not required to display the cookie consent popup or Cookie Policy here. You are welcome to update the Pivacy Policy questionnaire accordingly if you would indeed like to launch these new features for your Termageddon license as well.

Contact Hans Skillrud for more information. 309-287-5294 or