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Privacy Law Alert: Colorado Privacy Act

by Donata Stroink-Skillrud

Colorado just passed its first website-related privacy law, the Colorado Privacy Act. This is a comprehensive privacy law with some similarities to the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act.

This privacy law will go into effect on July 1st, 2023. We will be closely tracking updates to this law and will notify you if your website policies need to be updated prior to the effective date. No further action is required from you at this time.  

Below, you can find more information about this new law as well as the rest of the US privacy bills that we are currently tracking.


Colorado Privacy Act: What you need to know

  • Who it applies to
  • Consumer rights
  • Privacy Policy requirements
  • Penalties for non-compliance

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What US privacy bills are we tracking?
As part of our service, we keep track of privacy bills that would affect the way Privacy Policies are written. Below is our most recent list of privacy bill proposals in the United States. You can check out the US privacy bill tracker here.


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